The Community Centre Alliance was founded in 2002 by the Executive Directors of Buckmaster’s Circle, Froude Avenue, Rabbittown, MacMorran, and Virginia Park Community Centres.

This partnership model allowed individual member Centres to lobby through a greater body, while creating opportunities for sharing resources, space, and funding.

The original focus of the organization was to provide career and employment programs and services, and it quickly expanded to support education and economic development in our Community Centre neighbourhoods.

Today, CCA works focuses on three pillars: Employment and Career Development; Learning and Literacy, and Wellness (including Food Security). 

A unique and effective element of CCA’s work has always been our place-based approach. Having the capacity to place staff directly in Community Centres has ensured accessibility of services and enabled relationship building, helping us create a continuum of services for individuals in our neighbourhoods.

The organization’s ability to provide seamless, long-term support to individuals since our creation has helped make us a known and trusted presence in our neighbourhoods. It has also provided the opportunity for CCA to develop and deliver additional programs and services to help individuals reach their goals.

Since our formation, we have been consistently providing essential services in collaboration with our Community Centres partners with our current work focusing on three pillars:

  1. Employment and Career Development,
  2. Learning and Literacy, and
  3. Wellness (including Food Security).

Our successes since 2002, have been due to our many and varied collaborations – with our Community Centre members and many, many other partners.