CCA is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity that fosters the development of our Community Centre members and their residents through programming and partnerships.

Respect and Equity

CCA recognizes the best possible environment for working, learning, and living is one in which respect, diversity, opportunity, and inclusion are valued. CCA works to provide an environment that respects the dignity and self-worth of every individual.


It is essential to CCA’s work that staff and volunteers recognize that all individuals are capable and resilient. Our approach is strengths-based, collaborative, and flexible: the goal is to meet people where they are.


A unique and effective element of our work is our place-based approach. Having the capacity to place staff directly in Community Centres has ensured accessibility of services and provides capacity to build trust and rapport with residents. This trust and rapport underpin all successful support. Working within the Community Centres allows our staff to connect with “wrap around” services to meet the varied needs of clients.

Flexibility and Collaboration

CCA strives to balance being proactive with being reactive; encouraging and responding actively to the voices and choices of program participants and members of the community.

Collaboration with our Community Centre partners is at the very core of our ability to be creative and best serve our communities. In addition to our core partnership with the five Centres, CCA strives to create and maintain diverse community partnerships. These partnerships allow us to provide quality programs and services.

Lifelong Learning

CCA recognizes that learning is a lifelong process and that meaningful learning happens in daily life as well as in classrooms. We recognize that individuals bring unique perspectives and learning styles, and we all learn best through programs and experiences that reflect our strengths, provide choice, and create opportunities for personal growth and advancement.